Cordless Framing Nailer

When you feel like sprucing up your fence, deck work, garden table, kitchen cabinet or initiate any other home renovation project, hardware tools are extremely important including the cordless framing nailers. These projects require the use of loads of nails and the job is easier done with a framing nailer. Choosing an appropriate hardware tool can often become confusing due to the lack of information and knowledge on the subject. A Cordless Framing Nailer is one of the very easy to use tools and offer versatility for a do-it-yourself home renovation project.

Framing Nailer:

Framing nailer refers to a type of nail gun that shoots a nail used mainly for strengthening purposes. Cordless framing nailers are creditable alternative to the one that is attached to a compressor. It is gas-powered and works on various materials including composite and natural timber. These nailers are very useful for building stairs, joists, soffits, rafters, sheathing and more.

How does it work?

A cordless framing nailer uses flammable gas to drive nails and this makes it self-contained.  There is no need for cords as the gas is sapped from a throwaway container. It is then, inserted into the combustion compartment. The gas comes in contact with the electric charge from a battery leading to an explosion. The explosion leads to dispensing a nail. For every three seconds about one nail is dispensed. You can get approximately about 1,200 shots before the batteries have to be replaced. You can see best wet saw in the market. 

The Benefits :

  • User friendly
  • Are self contained for their power
  • Require less start up time & quick with nailing
  • Affordable – specially for those who cannot afford (or don’t want to buy) various attachments
  • Excellent for places involving odd angles or tight spaces like the ceiling

There are many different kinds of cordless framing nailers and you can choose depending on your specific requirements and budget.

There are many guides that help you with the choice of the right type of nailers. Aspects to be considered include grip, depth-of-drive adjustments, easy-to-use nail depth control dial and easy to open fuel-cell door depending on the task.  These can be found in any home departmental stores, online sites or manufacturer’s sites.

For safety purposes, it is imperative to keep certain points in mind. Make it a point to check your nailer before buying, do not alter, open or change without any reason, follow the detailed instructions in your manual and always wear your safety glasses. Incase of any damage, it is advisable to go back to the dealer rather than meddling with your cordless framing nailer.

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