Makita 5477NB Review

The Makita 5477NB is an inline power saw that can be incredibly versatile and useful. Although it is a great tool for its price, it has several disadvantages that may disappoint the seasoned workman. The Makita 5477NB does, however, have many features that are not found on other saws within the same price range, and is thus an excellent choice for the workman on a budget.

Outsourcing contractors may also find this saw to be a great purchase, especially when placing bulk orders. No matter the type of work one plans to accomplish, the Makita is a great saw for those who do not wish to splurge on an expensive saw, especially when the Makita produces results very similar to saws that are much more expensive. This Makita saw is an awesome tool that can be a great addition to any workman’s armory of power tools.

The Chinese-crafted Makita is loved by many because of its durability and reliability. Many people have owned their Makita 5477NB for many years without any necessary maintenance, save for the regular upkeep that is required for all power saws. If the Makita is treated properly and is not used for strenuous projects that should be handled by a more powerful saw, it will serve its user for many hassle-free years, especially when routine upkeep is maintained. You may like to read the best torque wrench.

Although the Makita 5477NB is a powerful hypoid saw, one should always obey the obvious limits that restrain it, as it may break upon inappropriate use or overworking. Overall, the Makita is an incredibly durable and reliable saw that can help a workman complete hundreds of tasks over many years. The same cannot be said for many other brands of inline saws, and the Makita has a great price to boot.

Although the Makita 5477NB is an overall great saw for its price, it does have several drawbacks that have been noted by some purchasers. Workmen who have never before used an inline saw may find the Makita difficult to control, as there is an initial jolt of torque upon beginning that can possibly damage the inexperienced worker’s wrist. As is also common with inline saws, the Makita may feel unbalanced or improperly weighted, which can also cause discomfort and possibly mistakes until the user can become acquainted with its disposition.

This saw would be a poor choice for someone who desires a one-handed saw, as the Makita requires the use of both hands to properly control and align. Finally, the Makita is not the most powerful power saw on the market, and should not be treated as such. If this saw is overworked or inappropriately utilized, it may easily break or become compromised. Although the Makita has a few disadvantages, it remains a great saw for certain jobs, and it can easily fulfill one’s requirements.

Makita 5477NB Customer Reviews

“I purchased the Makita 5477NB inline saw a few years ago after my old, trustworthy power saw from 1987 was stolen out of my truck. Frankly, I had relatively low expectations for the Makita, as I tend to prefer American brands over foreign brands, but the Makita soon proved me wrong. The jobs I complete usually involve cutting low-density materials such as plywood, and the Makita is incredibly efficient and cuts perfectly.

The only maintenance that has been required thus far has been a replacement cord, but most power saws need regular cord replacement eventually anyway. This saw is incredibly durable and reliable, and is surprisingly powerful, slicing through thin woods like butter. I would definitely recommend the Makita to anyone who needs a cheap, reliable inline saw. I soon will need a more expensive saw for upcoming jobs, but the Makita has served me well!”

The Makita 5477NB inline saw is a top tier saw for its price range, and can fulfill the requirements of many jobs. It is a decent, reliable power saw that will cut through many materials, and requires relatively minimal maintenance, although it may take some time for one to become accustomed with an inline saw if one hasn’t operated such a saw before. Try using a Makita 5477NB inline saw to complete a wide array of jobs!

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