How to Change the Blade of a Table Saw

The identical blade can't provide clean reducing for long, many carpenters and impartial human beings (DIY fans) need to change the blade of a table saw few times on specific projects. Usually a desk noticed is used at production sites and homework spaces. In reality, it's far one of the simplest gear of larger tasks. After the usage of for months, blades turn out to be antique and dull and they cannot provide sharp cuts. But, the blade is also changed relying at the material to reduce for a selected mission. The famous table saws are dado blades, smooth cutting, rip blades, etc.

What materials are had to trade the blade of a table saw?

Following materials are needed to alternate the blade of a table noticed –

  • New desk saw Blad
  •  Screwdriver
  • Allen or Hex Wrench
  • Small Block of timber

The technique of changing the Blade of a desk saw

 Changing the blade of a desk saw requires careful interest to detail. at the equal, you need to comply with a sure system as properly. if you ignore any of these things, the chances are that you might not be capable of exchange the blade. So, allows have a quick study the system of changing the blade of a table saw –

Transfer off the power

Discover the power turn on the table saw, and turn it off. It’s miles more secure to unplug the saw from the primary socket to completely separate it from the power line. After turning off the transfer, allow it to take a seat for a few minutes. Relaxation of the strength could be drained off from the machine. You can also check the best reciprocating saw in the market.

Do away with the Plate of the Blade

Area the blade plate on the table noticed. The bed plate, because the call suggests, is a plate of steel that remains on the upper floor of the table noticed. Generally, most of the blade plates are secured with two screws, one the front, and some other lower back screw. You can loosen or take away the screws to take away the plate. As soon as removed, area the plate aside out of the way.

Get rid of the Blade

Now, move the plate round till it reaches the highest position. The blade may flip by chance. To avoid this problem, set up a small wooden block and vicinity it in opposition to the blade. Find the nut and washing machine and then put off them from the blade. You could do it through turning the nut with a wrench within the anti-clockwise direction i.e. toward you. After putting off the blade, set it aside out the way while operating.

Set up a brand new Blade

Positioned the blade onto the blade housing and make sure the enamel of the blade are positioned in the direction of the front of the desk saw. Find the nut and washing machine, and fix the blade in region via tightening the nut turning a wrench in clockwise path i.e. far away from you. Use a small wood block to preserve the blade adequately.

Re-deploy the Blade Plate

Now, you'll utilize a screwdriver for reinstalling the blade plate although tightening the screws. It’ll relaxed the plate at the pinnacle of the table saw.

Turn the strength On

Join the plug to the wall socket to establish the reference to the primary energy line. Now, turn the activate to begin the table noticed and test run the blade to test if it’s set up nicely and running genuine.

While you get the system, changing a desk noticed blade on a regular basis can be a lot less complicated with none previous planning. While running a long term undertaking, you may need to alternate the blade pretty a few times. The converting of the blade does not handiest rely upon its utilization however additionally on the substances to be reduce for that precise challenge.

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Safety checklist for the use of a desk noticed

Whilst you are the use of a table noticed, you must comply with and preserve the safety tick list. It’ll allow you to be safe at the same time as working. at the start, you have to put on a couple of protection glasses. Additionally, a face guard can be used at the side of the protection glasses if the material chips significantly. After that, you should check the blade’s proper tightness earlier than turning the device on. Except, the hook shield and anti-kickback gadgets should be checked for correct operation. Now, verify the place of the transfer-off button and the emergency electricity disconnect. Continually make sure that the fence is about properly and tightly. And, keep in mind that the table should be free from substances, gear, and rubbish.

Test if the hood protect, splitter, and anti-kickback tool are well mounted inside the table saw. One or more of those gadgets can be removed handiest if it is a ought to carry out any specific reduce (e.g. Dado or rabbit). Take a suggestion from a store supervisor before putting off them through you! Once the reduce is completed, reinstall that (/those) protection tool once more.

  • It isn't safe to apply both the fence and the meter gauge at a time. Use the meter gauge for pass-cutting and the fence for ripping.
  • Accessories like- push sticks, feather boards, preserve-downs to run a super operation. It wishes the operator’s hand to head up to 6 inches of the noticed desk.
  • A helper need to be used to support the paintings whilst boards over 3 ft are reduce in any size.
  • The blade top ought to be adjusted in order that the pinnacle of the enamel extends up to ¼” above the timber.
  • Whilst the timber is fed to the noticed, the operator ought to stand to the aspect of that wooden.
  • Decrease the noticed blade under the desk as soon as your project is completed.
  • A perimeter of two feet should be saved unfastened across the saw to avoid sawdust and debris.

Usually turn off the electricity transfer of the saw earlier than doing away with or changing the position of the blade. If the saw consists of a twine and plug, unplug it first! Check the noticed after disconnecting and before any operation. Table saws do now not receive wobble blades.


It will be beneficial to follow and hold the safety tick list for using a table noticed. The purpose is in case you don’t follow them, you might emerge as hurting. Besides, while you are intending to trade the blade of a desk noticed, comply with the above procedure could be effective. In reality, your undertaking at hand can be a whole lot easier than you watched. So, observe the safety checklist and keep yourself from dangers!


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