Milwaukee 2630-20 Review

The Milwaukee 2630-20 is a highly durable cordless circular saw produced by Milwaukee Electrical Tool Corp. Founded in 1924, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. produces and markets superior quality heavy-duty electric power tools and accessories for professional users all over the world.

Designed to offer powerful and lightweight cutting for a multitude of uses, the Milwaukee 2630-20 18-Volt M18 Cordless 6-1/2-inch Circular Saw-Bare Tool uses magnesium upper and lower guards which make it extremely long lasting by protecting the blade from drops. Additionally, its powerful 3,500 RPM motor allows users to effortlessly cut tough stock with this saw.

The Milwaukee 2630-20 comes with a series of great features that make it easy to operate and adaptable to a series of projects and needs. Its ergonomic handle is designed to provide superior comfort and balance and to enable easily controlled cuts. The compact and light weight design provide the owner with extra comfort while operating the machine.

The saw is highly suitable for plumbing, electrical, finishing, framing and carpentry; it features heavy duty Magnesium Guards to ensure extremely high durability. Another great feature is the fact that the on-board fuel gauge displays the remaining battery charge. Its aircraft aluminum shoe helps in providing a much higher level of accuracy. The blade can be stopped very quickly by the electronic brake. You may like to read the best table saw blades.

Milwaukee 2630-20 Customer Reviews

While browsing through customer reviews, some of the pros of purchasing this product that are evidenced are the saw’s durability, high quality, ease of use and superior blade. One customer from Wisconsin, who rated the saw with five stars out of five, states:

“Works great. Have to get used to the electric brake, but seems like a very nice heavy duty saw. No opinions yet on battery life, but very satisfied so far!”

Another customer is extremely pleased with the fact that the Milwaukee 2630-20 “comes with a super blade”:
“This is almost unbelievable; I put in a 20×30 cedar deck in the south hills of Eugene Oregon where there was no power. I built the entire deck with this saw. I used my cig lighter to power the charger.

Saw would last 2 hours on each of the two batteries and the charge time was 20 minutes. It will work all day long this way and goes through Fir, Oak, Cedar, and 4×4 zero problems. Loved Milwaukie since I was a kid and still do. Very content. The tool is also very tough, dropped it several times and used it in the rain. Still good after TWO years of constant use. The blade they send you is top of the line.”

While the majority of customer reviews reflect a high level of customer satisfaction, there are however a few cons that have been brought up. One of the cons mentioned by customers is the fact that the battery life is not satisfactorily long.

“The only problem I see is it tends to drain the battery fairly quickly”,
Says one customer. Also, many clients complain that the Milwaukee 2630-20 requires the purchase of an additional XC battery and that standard Milwaukee batteries are not compatible with the tool. This makes the product less affordable overall since the additional battery is not cheap to buy. Here’s what another customer had to say:

“I have Milwaukee cordless 18V lithium tools that use the standard 18V lithium Ion Battery packs. So I figured I could by this saw which is touted to be ‘the new 18 volt lithium Ion battery driven saw’ and be able to use the batteries that came with my impact driver and drill…WRONG!

These batteries (48-11-1815) are NOT compatible with the saw which requires the ( 48-11-1828) XC high capacity battery pack which runs anywhere from $90 to $129 bucks ..OUCH! If you already own this battery then this saw @ [...] bucks is a steal…. if not it becomes a very expensive ($185 to $200) cordless saw.”

Overall, customers who have reviewed the product appear to be extremely satisfied with the Milwaukee 2630-20′s performance level and ease of operation as well as with its many quality features. The product is averagely awarded more than four stars out of five by customers who have purchased this saw. It is safe to say that if you’re in need of a high quality saw that will last a long time and make your projects a breeze, you should go ahead and purchase this tool. You won’t be disappointed! Just keep in mind that the XC battery is not included with the Milwaukee 2630-20. 

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