How to Cut Ceramic Tile with a Grinder

The best way to reduce ceramic tile is with a tile wet saw, however no longer all and sundry has get entry to one of these area of expertise equipment. You can also reduce tile with a four-inch perspective grinder with a stone blade connected, and at the same time as the cuts aren’t as easy as with a tile cutting board or a tile moist noticed it is a suitable technique for tough cuts around heater vents, doors and towards walls wherein they will be included via baseboard or finish materials. You may check the best angle grinders in the market. 

Proper Safety

Never function electricity gear without the proper protection gadget. While a dust masks is enough for the dust, you want to wear ear plugs as well as work gloves and protection glasses. Also wear a long-sleeved shirt and blue denims so that you don’t by chance get reduce via flying fragments of ceramic that chip off throughout the grinding system. Hold the grinder firmly with both arms as you cut the pieces of ceramic tile and clamp them to a cutting surface for great outcomes. If the grinder has a facet handle, use it. Also make certain the project is inside the proper position to deflect chips far away from you.

The Blade

The first-class form of blade to use with an attitude grinder while cutting ceramic tile is a diamond-tipped, clean-part blade without any notches or serration. Notched blades are for porcelain and serrated blades are more desirable to herbal stones. Once you have the proper blade, make certain it's far attached securely to the grinder the usage of the accompanying tightening gear on your grinder. Vibration cracks ceramic tiles, so you want the blade on tight.

Masking Tape

Covering the brink in which you will reduce the tile with the grinder is a superb trick to maintain the edge of the ceramic glazing from chipping off due to the grinder movement. You can use a single layer of protecting tape or three -- relying on your consolation degree. The high-quality technique is to attract your marker traces, location tape on pinnacle after which trace the lines via the top of the tape after which add additional layers if you want. Anything beyond three is overkill.


The angle grinder excels at helping make perspective cuts in opposition to a tile wet saw, that's designed for straight cuts. Cut directly down into the surface of the tile, making mild passes across the strains of your cut while protecting the blade of the grinder vertically against the tile and alongside the mark. You also can keep the blade in opposition to an facet horizontally, flush with the face of the tile, operating the edge of the blade of the grinder down into the tile slowly to make precise, rounded edges for drains, running your way round slowly as you grind away little bits in place of cut down into the tile. Straight cuts are made via pushing the blade into the tile vertically and cutting thru the tile along the marks.

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